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Podcasting is all the rage at the moment, whether you are a podcaster, know a podcaster or spend your days listening or watching podcasts, they’ve probably entered your life some way or another. Here are 5 recommendations of disability focused podcasts to add to your lists.

Of course, we know that podcasting isn’t fully accessible, but many of these podcasts include transcripts and there are apps specifically made to help you enjoy podcasts, whatever subject you want to listen to. These days, with the pandemic still causing limitations on movement and gatherings, disability podcasts can be a great way to network, share ideas and find out more about disability organisations and service providers. If you have any favourite disability podcasts, let us know!

Push Living Podcast

This podcast brings together a diverse range of disabled voices to talk about everything from travel to design and has some great special guests. The team behind the podcast ai to help inspire their listeners with personal insights and information.

Invisible not Broken

This podcast network focuses on chronic illnesses and has a host of different podcasts each exploring a variety of topics. The hosts all share their experiences of living with chronic illnesses and aim to build a network of support for others living with similar conditions.

All in the Mind

This podcast that goes out on BBC Radio 4 focuses on mental health conditions and is broadcast weekly.

The TiLT Parenting podcast

Aimed at parents of autistic and other neuro diverse children helps give confidence and support to those raising kids with neuro diversity. Their website helpfully splits their podcasts into categories so you can find those that relate directly to you including episodes on Autism, ADHD, Sensory disorders and more.

RNIB Connect Radio

The UK’s main radio station for blind and partially sighted people, there are a host of podcasts and radio programmes dedicated to informing listeners about what is happening in the sight loss community as well as entertainment and interviews.

Abnormally Funny People

Hosted by a variety of disabled comedians along with one token non disabled comedian expect lots of laughs and talk about life with disabilities.

You can find these episodes wherever you get your podcasts – if you have any other suggestions for top disabled podcasts, let us know!