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The Royal National Institute for Blind People has teamed up with highway engineers in Dorset to raise awareness for how blind and partially sighted people use the pavements and roadways.

The day saw those tasked with designing a proposed regeneration project learning more about various eye conditions and how they affect mobility. The training day was organised by the Royal National Institute for Blind People, beginning in Dorchester on a route which took participants from their office to the town centre. They were accompanied by RNIB Regional Campaigns Officer, Steve Hyde, who highlighted issues along the way which might make the environment challenging for those with sight loss.

The engineers that took part were given special glasses and canes to help them understand more what an impact the street scene can have on blind or partially sighted people. Following the walk into Dorchester, the team moved on to Blandford, where they learned more about a proposed regeneration site. The plans include a reduction in speed limits and the roads being narrowed.

Following the visit, engineers raised concerns about certain aspects of the plan and aim to work with campaigners to ensure that the town centre is inclusive to all. Further conversations have now taken place between RNIB and design engineers all across Dorset.

Find out more about RNIB’s campaign work to ensure inclusive streets online here.