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  • Ten ways to create a sensory-friendly environment for children
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    Ten ways to create a sensory-friendly environment for children

    In today's fast-paced, digitally dominant world, it's essential to consider and cater for the sensory needs of children to help them thrive and develop to reach their full potential. Sensory-friendly environments are spaces designed to accommodate children with sensory processing sensitivities, autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, or other sensory challenges.

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    Take part in this survey on Inclusive Environments

    This questionnaire has been prepared by Adrian Tagg who is an Associate Professor in Building Surveying at the University of Reading and it seeks to understand the disability specific requirements for accessing goods, services and employment. It can be completed by a person who is disabled, or their carer The questionnaire is directed to obtain responses from the person who is disabled. It is quite a long survey but it is important to obtain the opinions of those with a physical or mental impairment.

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    UK courts join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network

    HM Courts and Tribunals Services have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network to help people visiting court and tribunal buildings who may need additional support. It’s estimated that around 80% of disabilities are hidden and the HMTC are committed to making it easier for anyone visiting their buildings to receive the support that they need.

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